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    • I am a Licensed Midwife in the State of Virginia.
    • I attend out-of-hospital births – you name where.
    • Visits are at my offices in Newport News or Virginia Beach. Your children, friends, and family members are welcome at every appointment.
    • Visits typically occur during normal business hours.

With the newest Power FAQs

  • The fee is a set package (fee is subject to change – please inquire for the current fee). I do offer a discount for full payment at 36 weeks for cash-pay families. I also require a $500 non-refundable fee.
  • If you have a Medical or Health Savings Account, an invoice can be provided to you to get reimbursed from your account.
  • Yes! You may use your credit card to pay, or you can use your Paypal account (a handling fee applies with these options).
  • Medical Loan Finance Company offers interest-free loans to pay for my services in full upfront, and then you can pay off your loan as long as is needed beyond the birth.


  • I will not serve women who also want care with an OB without a medical need. You may see another professional for anything which goes beyond the scope of my care (e.g., you have a condition which requires collaboration with another professional and the condition does not preclude you from having a homebirth) or you would like a second opinion for something. The parallel care provider for the condition must be informed that I am your care provider so that I can be kept informed of your care with that provider and its impact on your pregnancy and birth.
  • I serve both families who want to birth in water, and those who do not (I do have a birth pool available for my families to use; and can refer you to another one if mine is being used).
  • I serve moms who are planning a vaginal birth after cesarean.
  • I can bill insurance for those families whose insurance will reimburse them for my services.
  • Military families welcome. Until TRICARE recognizes CPMs as authorized providers, I offer a discount to my military families.
  • I can bill for Virginia Medicaid services. I do charge for services that Medicaid does not cover.
  • I refer all moms for a hypnotherapy session because I have seen absolutely phenomenal effects for childbearing with the women I serve.
  • Regular chiropractic care is a part of your prenatal care. I will refer you to local chiropractors who specialize in the needs of pregnant women.
If your friends and family members have any concerns, please refer them to the page on research.

If you have a question that has not been answered here or anywhere on this web site, email me.